About us

Aiwoda is a company specializing in the production of paper packaging and display products. Factory locats in Suzhou, China, with a superior geographical location, adjacent to the largest Shanghai Port in China, and with convenient sea, land, and air transportation.

The main product range covered by Aiwoda includes: paper display racks (including floor racks, desktop racks, etc.), acrylic display racks, and metal display racks. Packaging products include gift boxes, cardboard boxes, etc.

Aiwoda is honored to get the support of many domestic and foreign brand customers and become their special supplier, which also makes our products appear frequently in the world's major supermarkets such as Wal Mart, Sam's,  Walworth, Costco,Chemist Warehouse and etc.

Aiwoda has mature and complete production equipment, professional integrated customized services, and a professional  management system, which enables us to steadily and rapidly develop and receive more and more customer favor and support.主图.jpg



Contact: Miss.Shen

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Whatsapp:+86 18356239372

Add: NO.1 Sifang Road Weiting Town Suzhou Jiangsu Province China